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Frontend Developer

Job description

What can you expect as a  Frontend Developer at Divante?

Divante is one of the major e-business software houses in Poland and Europe, using Magento as the technology behind most of our projects own products, using the latest technologies and frontend frameworks (Angular, React, VueJS). At Divante, we support our employees’ ideas and if your project is interesting enough, you’ll find a lot of people ready to contribute as well.


What does a typical project at Divante look like from the perspective of a Frontend Developer? As a Frontend Developer, you are responsible for encoding the client’s vision of a modern website, so you’re gonna need these skills:

  • Experience (at least 2 years working as a Frontend Developer)
  • Fluency in HTML, CSS/SASS/LESS
  • Very good knowledge of JavaScript (ES2015+)
  • Good knowledge of Angular(ver. 4 or newer), VueJS or React - at least one commercial/open source project. We have great plans which include those technologies.
  • Experience with REST or GraphQL 
  • GIT, because we work in teams
  • Gulp/Grunt/Webpack/Brunch, because we like to make things easier and automate our work as much as possible
  • Experience in creating mobile-adaptable websites and PWA, because we are following current trends
  • Adobe Photoshop, to deal with the graphic designs
  • A good eye, caring for aesthetics and basic UX awareness, because we like our websites to be nice and usable
  • More and more of our clients come from abroad so good English is a mustGerman will be a big plus

What else would be appreciated?

  • Experience in e-commerce
  • Knowledge of Magento
  • Knowledge of Pimcore
  • Knowledge of JS frameworks and libraries - the more, the better, so that you can choose the most suitable one for a given task
  • We do our best to be Agile, so experience in SCRUM or other Agile methodologies would be more than welcome
  • We work on really big projects, so good organization, planning, teamwork skills and a positive attitude would come in handy as well 
  • University degree in Information Technology or similar

What can we offer?

  • An opportunity to learn new technologies and choose your own career path
  • Being part of projects for really big clients
  • Time for personal growth, internal workshops, external training
  • If you have something to share, speak English and like to talk in public, we would be glad to send you as a speaker to some conference ;)
  • Remote work
  • Flexible working hours
  • Of course, we have Multisport, healthcare, life insurance and English lessons
  • Modern office with some parking space
  • Lots of freshly ground coffee and fruit
  • Team dinners

Questions? Just ask:
Aleksandra Kieleczawa,