Scrum Master

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Scrum Master

Job description

At Divante, we work in teams of over 20 people called Tribes. These teams work together constantly and are specialized in one of the technologies we work on, Magento, Pimcore, Vue, Symfony, and Angular. Project teams (5-6 people) are selected from the Tribe's members. We work in SCRUM and want to develop an agile approach, which is why we want to enrich our team with a Scrum Master.

Salary: 6 000 - 10 000 zł netto + VAT (B2B)


What will you be doing?

- Keeping Scrum process running and continuously applying improvements

- Mentoring and coaching the Scrum Teams and organization on how to use Agile/Scrum practices and values

- Assessing the Agile maturity of the teams and coaching to higher levels of maturity

- Building a trusting and safe environment

- Encouraging and helping to achieve transparency

- Guiding the team to remove impediments

- Assisting the team in conflict resolution

- Facilitating discussion and decision making

- Helping the teams and clients to understand empirical product development

- Coaching development teams and product owners

- Coaching Project Managers on aligning with Agile environment


An ideal candidate:

- At least 1 year experience as a Scrum Master or similar

- Strong knowledge of Scrum - theory, and rules

- Experience in working in Scrum

- Experience in introducing Scrum framework in organizations

- Servant leadership approach

- Having an Agile mindset

- Highly-developed soft skills (communication, empathy, confidence, teamwork)

- Analytical and observational skills

- Ability to focus on a team, organization, and client's needs

- Wide knowledge of tools and techniques applicable in a software engineering environment (i.e. User Story Mapping, Event Storming, Magic Estimation, Team Estimation Game, 5x Why, Roadmaps)

What else would be appreciated?

- Scrum Master certification

- Experience in other methods and frameworks (i.e. Kanban, XP, Lean)

- Experience of scaling frameworks (preferably SAFe).

- Solid experience with all phases of the software development lifecycle.

- Understanding of business and prioritization techniques for coaching tech leaders and product owners.

- Ability to find areas for improvement and proposing relevant solutions on an organizational level

What can we offer?

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